Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, hello to all! As you can see I'm Alkisti and this is my brand new blog!
I hope its luck will be better than that of its predecessors and I hope you will welcome it and me to the blog-o-sphere once again. :)
What I want to do with this blog is firstly take a chance to meet all you great people out there, living different lives than I am, having different points of view, different opinions, different thoughts and be able to broaden my mind and my horizons through all of you.
Secondly, I will try my best to not let this blog die along with all the others I tried to keep up, I'm thinking of posting about my everyday life, photography, inspirations, books and reading, cooking and baking, illustrating, music, fashion and anything else that I do or love!

ps: please bear with me as I believe it will take me sometime to make this blog look exactly like I want it to!

1 comment:

  1. Me'geia to blog loipon! :) kai kalws hl8es!! :D M'aresei kuriws pou 8a grafeis gia diafora kai den epikentrwnesai se ena pragma ;)

    Oso gia th venetia, eixa paei mikrh..peripou sta 4 mou, kai einai mia kalh kai olws parado3ws oikonomikh lush gia to kalokairi pou erxetai!!

    Kalws se vrhka ki esena loipon ki elpizw na ta leme!! :D :D